Three Lost Girls

Three Lost Girls

When she was seven years old, young Alice Liddell and her elder sister went gathering mushrooms in the woods. Later, as the two sat on the banks of a stream, Alice—feeling rather bored—decided to pop one into her mouth.

An hour later, a large, anthropomorphic rabbit came along, wearing a waistcoat and carrying a pocket watch, complaining about being late for some appointment. Alice later remembered following it down a dark hole...

Four decades after her childhood psychotic breakdown, Dr. Alice Liddell-Dodgson, now a psychiatrist, encounters two strange cases involving nine-year-old girls – Gwendolyn (Wendy) Moira Angela Darling, daughter of a London investment clerk, and Dorothy Gale, an orphan being raised by her paternal uncle and his wife on a wheat farm in western Kansas. 

For Dr. Liddell-Dodgson, this is the research opportunity of a lifetime. For young Wendy and Dorothy, it is a way for them to come to grips with vivid memories of strange and dangerous places that all the adults in their lives insist were nightmares and hallucinations.

Years afterward, Wendy and Dorothy again meet as young women at a time when all of Europe is at war and the United States is slowly being pulled into the conflict. The two of them begin experiencing strange phenomena, suggesting that what they had been told was all in their heads might not have been so imaginary after all...

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