Disquiet on the Western Front

Disquiet on the Western Front

The 3rd book of the Lost Girls Series is scheduled for release in August of 2023.

The Three Lost Girls' journeys continue amidst danger, heartbreak and a wartime reunion as "imaginary" worlds prove to be not so imaginary. Dorothy finds herself in mortal danger as her worst childhood memories start proving true. Those dangers send her on the next stage of her journey back to a strange and impossible realm...

In England, the war has caused Wendy Darling unimaginable loss and heartache...yet she takes her pain and transmutes it into patriotic fervor, becoming a nurse for the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Then comes the mysterious disappearance of Mary Darling one Samhain night...and as a result, Dorothy's and Wendy's respective paths bring them together one more time for a short and joyous, if sometimes tense and challenging reunion. 

Following Wendy's return to a Casualty Clearing Station in France, Dorothy winds up working with Dr. Alice at the asylum, where the latter attempts to ferret out the secrets of the Slippers. Dorothy also befriends a mysterious battle shock victim and a large, shaggy black dog who turns out to be far more than she could have imagined.

Before this part of their journeys are complete, Dorothy and Wendy will have their bond tested in ways neither could have anticipated...and Dr. Alice will begin to question her own sanity.

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